All new requests that come into the system, are listed with the oldest at the top.  

In the Order List, each order is presented with the

  • Order Number - Clickable link that opens the Order.  Note that this doesn't assign the order to you.
  • Order Type - What type of order it is (e.g. Current Student, Student, Corporate etc...).
  • Applicant Name
  • Last School - The school the requestor is requesting records from.
  • Grad Year/Grade - The Graduation Year or the Grade of the Current Student.
  • Owner - When the order is being processed, here it shows who it is assigned to.
  • Status - The status of the order.
  • Submitted - The date and time of when the order was submitted.

The black icons at the end allow you to access the print menu, grab this particular order (similar to Grab and Process) and for administrators of the system, delete the order.  

You may also see a yellow airplane icon and/or a red flag:

These indicate - 

  • Red Flag - a document and/or voicemail has been attached to the application
  • Yellow Airplane - The requestor has requested Express Shipping (Only available if the Express Shipping option is activated on your site).