There are two methods to print a permit: Print the permit on the applicants arrival to pick-up or print the permit upon approval of the application.

Print permit on applicants arrival

Once the applicant arrives to pick-up the permit(s), search for the application (ALL > Enter name or order number > Select Approved in the pull-down menu) and click on the on the black 'printer' icon on at the end of the application line (next to the submitted date).  You can instead, click on the Order Number to open the application and select the Print button on the right.  Opening the application allows you to verify the information on the ID the applicant presents with the information in the application.  Once clicking on the print buttons, a print option pop-up will be displayed .  You will notice that there are two print permit buttons.

Print Permit - Opens the permit in a PDF viewer.   To print, open the PDF printing screen within the browser window by selecting the “printer icon” in the Adobe floating menu.  To activate the floating menu hover your mouse pointer over the PDF displayed in the browser.

Print & Deliver - Does the same as Print Permit button but marks the application as Permit Delivered.   This indicates that the permit has been picked up, plus it deactivates the Additional Permits function on the Order Tracker.   It is recommended that you use this button.

Print the permit upon approval

Once you approve the permit application, you will be asked if you want to print the permit now.  Click onPrint and then print the permit from the PDF viewer.  You can then store the permit until the applicant comes in to pick it up.  Once the applicant arrives, to mark the permit as delivered, open the application and click on the Permit Delivered button.