To approve an application, click on the Approve Permit button.  This will send the applicant an email with instructions on where to pick up the permit, a text message (if applicable) and an automated phone call (optional).

Once you click on the approve button, a pop-up window will appear where you can enter any further instructions to the email, plus select the phone number to send the phone message to.

To confirm the approval, click on the Approve Application button.  You will then be presented with an option to Print the Permit Now.  You can print the permit and store it once the applicant arrives, or you can hit cancel and print the permit once the applicant arrives to pick-up.

Contingent Approval - This is used if you have a process where the application needs a second level of approval.  Clicking on contingent approval does not send a an approval message to the applicant, but sets the application to a Contingent Approval status.  The person performing the final approval will search on the application under the Contingent Approval status, click on the Order Number to open the application and then hit Approve > Approve Application.