Pressing this button will send this order to a pending status.  This is to be used when waiting for the customer to send in additional information.  

Enter the Reason for Pending Status and then select the Pending Type.  You can set a general pending status (Set Pending) or select a specific pending status:

  • Set Pending - General Pending Status.
  • Set Pending Docs - Pending Documentation.
  • Set Pending Mentals - Pending Mentals Reports.
  • Set Pending Other - Set Pending for any other reason.

You also have the option to send an automated phone message to the applicant notifying them of the status change.

Searching for a Pending Application

To search for a pending application, click on the ALL tab, enter the Order Number or Name of the applicant in the search box and select the appropriate pending status in the pull-down menu.  Searching on the Pending status will retrieve all the applications across the other pending statuses.  

Please note, leaving the search box blank will retrieve all applications under that status.