Request Information is used to communicate to the request when you need additional information to process their order.  An email, text message (if applicable), and an automated phone message (optional) are sent to the requestor on your behalf by Permit Director.

There are five email templates to select from with each being pre-configured to the type of request.  There is also a free-text box that allows you to enter the particular incidents/information you are requesting which is embedded in the email template.  To send an email, enter the information and then select the appropriate email type button.

Types of Request:

Internal Request - Requesting information for an arrest.

External Request - Requesting a disposition.

Incident Report - Requesting an incident report.

Request Information - Any other information you require to process the application.

Inform of Progress - Update the applicant on the status of the application.

Setting the application to Pending

When you send the email out to the applicant, you can set the application to Pending.  This means that the application is set to a pending status and is unassigned from yourself.  Therefore, when the information requested arrives at the office, any member of staff can search for the application under the pending status and complete the processing of that application.

To set the application to pending, select the application checkbox before selecting the email type button.  You will also be given the option to send an automated phone call that notifies the applicant that an email has been sent to them.  

If you have sent the email but forgot to set the application to pending, you can click on the Pending action button.  Please see the Pending section for more details.