The Background Checks performed are recorded in the application detail using the Background Checks Action Buttons.


Each background check type has a tick and a cross button.  The tick represents a 'pass' and the cross represents a 'fail'.  Once clicking on the tick or cross, the background checks fields are populated with a pass or fail, plus the username of the user performing the action and the date of when it was done.  

NTN # and FBI # requests the NTN number and FBI number to be entered.  Where the FBI is not applicable, enter NA when requested.

If you need to change a background check entry, click on the appropriate background check action button and you will be asked: "You are about to overwrite the status of this process? (Background check type)".  Click Overwrite and the background check will be changed.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Once you enter the background checks, you must hit the SAVE PROGRESS button to save the information to the application.  If you are to navigate away, a warning message will be displayed alerting the user that he/she might lose their changes.