All of the information necessary to process a request is presented on one web page to the user referred to as the Application Detail.  The user will process the request from this page using the Action buttons.

Navigating the Page

You can navigate up or down the page by scrolling with the mouse or by selecting the required section on the navigation bar.

Order and Task Information

These sections presents the order information including the payment history, previous applications by this applicant and the number of permits requested and the reasons for requesting a permit.

Applicant Information - All the information the applicant entered on the online form.

Survey Answers - The responses to the survey questions.  Any question answered yes are marked red.

Background Checks - Where you can record the results of the background checks performed.

Work Comments - Free text box to add notes to the application.

Attached Documents - you can attach documents to the application here.

Audit Trail - The complete history of every action performed on the application.

Action Buttons - These are the buttons to process the application