To start processing a new application, you must select either the 'Grab Application' button or 'Grab And Process'.  These buttons allow you to take ownership of the task of the oldest task in the Unassigned list (first application in the list) and they also removes the application in the Unassigned list for the other users.


Grap Application vs Grab and Process

Grab Application - This option grants the user ownership of the task and moves the order fromUnassigned Orders to My Orders.  To process the request, the user must click on My Orders (1) and click the Order Number (2) to open the request.  Think of it as grabbing an application to process at a later time e.g. after lunch.

Grab And Process - This option grants the user ownership of the task and opens the request so the user can process the task.  In other words, to grab an application and process it now.

Process any application - To grab any particular application to process irrespective of the date of submission, click on the check icon.  This acts likes the Grab and Process button.


Un-assigning an application

If you need to un-assign an application from yourself, you may have grabbed one by mistake for example, navigate to the My Orders tab and then click on the black X next to your username.  The application will be placed back into the Unassigned list.

Grab Filters

If you have multiple office locations, you may have grab filters setup to allow you to grab a task from a specific office location only.  By clicking on the grab buttons, you will see your options.  Just click on the office required and that will grab the oldest application for that office.