Once you login to the system, you are presented with the Process Orders screen.  This is the default home screen of the system.

1 - Header Bar

  • Consumer Home - This takes you to the Gun Permits online form start page page.
  • Order Tracker - This takes you to the Order Tracker sign in page.
  • Process Orders - This is the default HOME page for all users that process requests.  If you have the CJLEADS Integration and/or Concealed Carry turned on, you can access those sites from here.  
  • Reports - This takes you to Reports.

2 -Tab Bar

  • My Orders - This is selected to view the tasks that you have taken ownership of to process.
  • Unassigned Orders - This is the default when Process Orders is selected.  These tasks have not been completed and have not been assigned to a processor.
  • All Orders - This is search on ALL tasks including active, declined and completed tasks.
  • Coupons - This is selected to manage all Coupon Codes.  You can view existing Coupon Code and create new codes on this page.  Coupon Codes are primarily used for walk-in applicants wanting to apply for additional permits on their order.  For a full explanation, go to the kiosk help section.
  • Filter - 
  • Application Search -  

3 - Application List

  • Where the applications are displayed in the system

4 - Profile Menu

  • Where you can change your password, contact support and logout of the system.

5 - Number of current 'Unassigned/Open' applications

  • Shows the total number of unassigned applications currently in the system.

6 - Grab Buttons

  • Where you take ownership of an application to process it.

7 - Contact Support

  • Our quick contact support tool that allows you send us a quick message, send us a screenshot and to submit feedback.